Hurricane Isaac Flood Proof of Loss Deadline Extended

While everyone was busy preparing for Thanksgiving, FEMA offered Hurricane Isaac victims a bit of an early Christmas present by extending the deadline to submit proof of loss on flood claims an additional 60 days.

Affected homeowners and business owners now have a total of 150 days from the date of loss (which in south Louisiana may be either August 28 or August 29, 2012 depending on your location) to submit their proof of loss in accordance with the terms of the flood policy.

A full proof of loss for the damages you are claiming as due to Hurricane Isaac flood waters is necessary to get paid and/or bring suit against your carrier or FEMA for unpaid damages.  If you have questions about whether you have submitted a full proof of loss, you should seek legal advice from an experienced Hurricane Isaac flood damages attorney.

DO NOT rely on the proof of loss submitted to you by the insurance company adjuster as your full proof of loss.  If you believe you have damages in excess of the insurance adjuster’s proof of loss, you will need to have adequate documentation of those damages and a proof of loss submitted based on that documentation.

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